Race Night Winners 10 October 2015

Thank you so much to everyone who came along to support our Race Night. It's fundraising events like these that keep Chigwell Boys FC the cheapest football club in the area.

Were you a winner on the night? Check out the results. Owners win £40.00, Jockeys win £20.00. Please see Kellie (U10 manager) or your team manager at training to collect your prize money if you were not there on the night.

Our Tri Cast Jackpot winner for £120.00 was Steven Tisbury of the U10 Spitfires.

Race 1 sponsored by the U7 Jets and Sharks

Horse No 5, The Eagles

Owner - Paul (Mark's dad)

Jockey - Olly

Race 2 sponsored by the U8 Jets and Sharks

Horse No 5, Street-Wise Kid

Owner - Tracy

Jockey - Mick Whelan

Race 3 sponsored by the U9 Jets and Eagles

Horse No 1, Daily Star

Owner - Tosh

Jockey - George B

Race 4 sponsored by the U10 Typhoons and Tornados

Horse No 2, West Tip

Owner - AJ

Jockey - Mani

Race 5 sponsored by the U10 Spitfires and Hurricanes

Horse No 4, The Fab Four

Owner - Martin

Jockey - Mani

Race 6 sponsored by the U11

Horse No 4, Austin Powers

Owner - Club 195

Jockey - Gary

Race 7 sponsored by the U13

Horse No 8, The Godfather

Owner - Alan R

Jockey - Wes Dillon

Race 8 sponsored by the U13

Horse No 3, Jackpot King

Owner - Ricky

Jockey - Ricky

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